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Patrick Cannata

Creative Director|Art|Design
State Farm

Da Double Down Fantasy Football Challenge

State Farm in partnership with Facebook gave fantasy football enthusiasts the chance to double the stakes of each game throughout the entire NFL season.

By leveraging Discount Double Check, Da Double Down Fantasy Football Challenge was born starring Robert Smigel and George Wendt of SNL Super Fan fame. Each week a different branded video was released on people’s newsfeeds, targeting hardcore NFL and fantasy fans. A scene or moment from each Super Fan video inspired Da Double Down Challenge for that week. Participants could double down by challenging the person they were playing that week to a unique dare they’d have to complete utilizing different elements of the Facebook interface to the delight of their social network.


Average of 37 million views per video
Average of 8,000 likes per video
Best performing video campaign on Facebook at the time of launch

Case Study

Week 1 Challenge

Week 6 Challenge

Week 11 Challenge