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Patrick Cannata

Creative Director|Art|Design
State Farm

Neighborhood Assist

Neighborhood Assist is an annual socially-driven program that invites people to identify opportunities for improvement in their communities and submit them as causes for a chance at one of forty $25K grants to help remedy their issues through the use of social media.

Profound results included 4,000 cause submissions in just 17 days. The return visit rate doubled, and the bounce rate dropped by 50%. We received 3.4 million votes, almost triple the votes from the previous year. Most importantly, 1 million dollars in grants were awarded to help communities get to a better state.

Phase 01:

We made it simple for participants to submit and share their cause with their social circles.

Phase 02:

Once the submission period ended, the Youth Advisory Board comprised of thirty student members took a month to narrow down the top 200 causes that would face off during the voting phase. To keep participants engaged and create anticipation for voting, we gave them exclusive behind the scenes content and real time insider updates to view and share.

Phase 03:

In order to continue generating excitement and to get people to come back and vote for the finalists, we gave them a glimpse into what types of causes that were submitted, from where, and what motivated participants to submit them.

Phase 03, continued:

Once voting began, a geo-targeted map and cause filtering navigation allowed people to easily browse the top 200 finalists and discover causes in local communities as well as causes they cared about.

Phase 04:

Voting Closes.

Phase 05:

When the final 40 grant recipients were announced, participants were invited to read their stories and see how each cause planned to use its $25,000 grant to make positive changes in their community.